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From time to time I'm asked why I make cookies. It boils down to this.

There is a simple greatness to the perfect cookie. It can be a snack. An afternoon pick-me-up. A bedtime security blanket. With the perfect cookie you think about your mom. You think about the kitchen you grew up in. You think about the kitchen you WISH you grew up in. My mother used to make cookies thin and crisp, so for me a perfect cookie starts with crunch.

But here’s the thing. Because cookies are small, it’s easy to take shortcuts. That’s why it’s hard to find a cookie that's right. But when you taste one, you know it. Some people can’t put their finger on why, but I can tell you that great ingredients make great cookies.

At Me-Oh-My we like to say, there’s nothing in our cookies you won’t find in your own kitchen. And that’s the key. Honesty in ingredients. Passion in intent. Joy in sharing. Happy crunching!